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Crochet Flowers/Letter PATTERN. Letter for gift. Universal flowers use in sewing and decorating items.Making accessories and lewelry.Wedding

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Crochet Flowers/Letter PATTERN! 

It's not a finished product, it's a PDF file.

Immediately after payment, you will have access to download the file.

This is not a classic (traditional) pattern!

This pattern includes step-by-step photo instructions for each stitch. There is also a description of each step in English.
The pattern consists of 35 pages of A4 format.
Diagrams are also included in the pattern.

Skill level-medium

The Pattern includes 7 types of flowers and 1 leaf.
The flowers included in this instruction are somewhat similar to each other, but at the same time they are diverse. It is this variety and combination of several colors that adds elegance and charm to the projects.
Also, the pattern includes step-by-step photo instructions on how to make a letter.
But since the flowers in the pattern are universal, you can safely use them for other projects, such as: scrapbooking, in sewing, decorating items, wedding craft. You can make a brooch, hair accessories, necklace or belt...

To make flowers, you will need cotton yarn and pearls, and some other materials, which are written in more detail in the middle of the instructions.
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